Master in Risk Management

The Master in Risk Management program covers fundamental principles of risk management and the areas of its applicability.

This 2-year program will help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to recognize and identify business threats and turn them into business opportunities.

Careers wise, our Master in Risk Management prepares students for
managerial or executive positions in different fields such as :

Corporate Risk Management,
Insurance Risk Management,
Risk Management Consulting or other related fields .

Positions you may apply for :

Risk Management Consultant
Risk Leader ( Reporting and Governance )

Course Description

Semestre 1

Code Course Title Number of Hours
ACC 600 Risk and Valuation 42 H
DRT 650 Project Risk and Cost management 42 H
DRT 655 Financial Engineering 42 H
GES 600 International Cash Management 42 H
GES 605 Probability and Stochastics calculus for Finance 42 H
ENG 701 Concepts in Risk Management: Statistical Models 42 H
FIN 650 Business English 1 21 H
FIN 660 Corporate Communication 42 H
MGT 760 Social Entrepreneurship 21 H
Big Data in Finance 21 H
Artificial Intelligence 21 H

Semestre 2

Code Course Title Number of Hours
ACC 600 Entreprise Risk Management 42 H
DRT 650 Entreprise Risk Planning and Compliance 42 H
DRT 655 Advanced Portfolio Management 42 H
GES 600 Derivatives 42 H
GES 605 Python Idioms and Data Structures 42 H
ENG 701 Financial Data Visualization for Static and Streaming Data 42 H
FIN 650 Business English 2 21 H
FIN 660 International Communication 42 H
MGT 760 Cultural Diversity 21 H
MGT 683 Strategy Prospective 21 H
INF 700 Prospective Risk Management wokshop 21 H

Semestre 3

Code Course Title Number of Hours
ACC 801 New Developments on Market Risk Management 42 H
ACC 701 Extreme Value Theory 42 H
DRF 700 Risk Management in Banking 42 H
DRT 750 Regulation and Governance in Banking 42 H
DRT 775 Financial Time Series Analysis 42 H
FIN 700 Optimization and Decision Support System 42 H
Fin 750 Business English 3 21 H
DRT 780 Software Business Plan 21 H
SIN 700 Career Coaching 21 H
MGT 700 Economic Indicators and Analysis 21 H
ENG 700 Macro and Finance for Practionners 21 H

Semestre 4


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