DEAN’s message

Dr. Hedi Belazi

Dean of American University in North of Africa

DEAN's message

Dear Students,On behalf of the Faculty and Staff of the Business School of the American University in North Africa, I would like to welcome you and wish you a very successful and most fulfilling learning journey. As we all know, Learning is fundamental to growth and personal development. It is a continuous and life-long process that equips each one of us with the right tools to meet the changes and challenges that the future sets for us. To achieve this goal, it is essential for any respectable educational institution to choose and apply the most appropriate pedagogical approach and the most conducive to real learning. At AUNA, content, textbooks and highly qualified faculty are very important to the learning process, but what is even more important is You the learner. You are our central focus and your role in the success of the learning operation is vital.