AUNA and its brave students come together to overcome COVID 19

June 13, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Dean’s Message

AUNA and its brave students come together to overcome COVID 19

March 2020 will always be remembered. This was the month when malicious COVID 19 hit the entire world. It hit fast and bad. In no time, the number of Corona victims started multiplying by the thousands every day and the death toll rose to alarming levels. It sounded and looked like the whole world was crumbling down.

AUNA students had just finished their Midterms and were getting ready to enjoy their Spring break when the Corona outbreak started. The Government announced the closing of all schools, and the indefinite suspension of classes and confinement until further notice.

At AUNA, we believe that the student will always be the center of our mission. Therefore, we decided, with the help of Faculty, students and all AUNA staff to devise a strategy to ensure that our students continue the rest of the semester and stay focused on all their courses, despite the difficult situation. After a series of online meetings and discussions with all parties, we agreed on the following plan to be implemented starting April 2nd, 2020:

  • Students will continue their courses via distance learning, using online tools such as Visio, Skype and other learning platforms.
  • Faculty will cover all course objectives as usual, as stated in their course syllabi, including quizzes, homework and projects.
  • AUNA will monitor the operation through its Moodle platform


The plan worked, all courses were held online and completed by 29 May.

Meanwhile, the situation with regard to the COVID crisis has improved and the Government has decided that university students can resume on campus courses as of 8 June and final exams for Spring semester 2020 will be held in class starting 8 June, followed by summer session.

The university will be committed with the same spirit to ensure the safety of its students and staff and will set measures and enforce them, to make sure our students continue to get the best education in the safest learning environment. These measures will include the following:

  • Dividing students into smaller groups
  • Wearing masks
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Social distancing
  • Daily Sanitizing of all facilities

As Dean of AUNA, I would like to express my great pride and sincere appreciation for all AUNA Faculty members, Students and Staff for the tremendous efforts they made to make this plan succeed. All of you worked together as one solid team and demonstrated a high sense of responsibility, proactivity and total dedication to AUNA’s mission.

I thank you all and wish you all the best. Stay safe and God bless you all.

Hedi Belazi

Dean, AUNA Business School


June 13, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm