Master in Finance and Business Analytics


The objective of this master’s program is to promote leaders with great expertise in fields such as data modeling and quantitative analysis that can be applied to a wide range of business challenges related to fiscal performance and management.

Students will be able to develop the right skills to master the data analysis process and learn how to make use of valuable information in order to solve complex business problems. Students will enhance critical thinking skills and develop business intelligence and analytics strategies to be successful leaders in this promising field.

Within the first 3 semesters, students will develop their knowledge and skills in statistics, corporate finance, English, Information technology, Financial markets, Finance, data mining and analysis, and computer science.

In the last semester, students will write a dissertation on a Finance and business Analytics topic, in consultation with the Course Director and a member of staff designated as dissertation supervisor.

Learning outcomes 

 By the end of the Finance and Business Analytics program, you will be able to:

 Recognize, understand and apply the language, theory, and models of the field of Business Analytics.
  Critically analyze, synthesize and solve complex unstructured business problems.
  Master the quantitative and qualitative aspects of finance—valuation techniques, forecasting methods, application of time value of money
  Translate big data into recommendations for profitable actions
  Create viable solutions to decision making problems.

Career prospects

  Data Scientist.
  Business Analyst.
  Business Translator.
  Data Engineer.
  Advanced Analytical Consultant.
  Financial Analyst.
  Portfolio manager.


The Tuition is charged in a flat-fee structure, fixed for one year of study.

Tunisian Students

Registration Fee: TND 1,000 the first year.

Tuition: TND 10,000 per year.

International Students

Registration Fee: United States $ 1,000 the first year.

Tuition: United States $ 7,000 per year.

Payment Details

Bank Account Holder: American University in North of Africa.

Bank Name and Address: Attijari Bank, Agence El Manar, Tunis.

Account Number: TN59 04 106 058 0036089761 08.


Students can apply for a bank loan or a merit scholarship.

Course Description

Semestre 1

Code Course Title Number of Hours
ACC 600 Business Statistics 42 H
DRT 650 Data Mining 42 H
DRT 655 Financial engineering 42 H
GES 600 Asset liabilities management 42 H
GES 605 Databases organization 42 H
ENG 701 Data management for business intelligence 42 H
FIN 650 Business English level1 21H
FIN 660 Corporate communication 21 H
MGT 760 Social entrepreneurship 21 H
LNT 700 Law and New Technologies 21 H
MGT 760 Artificial intelligence 21 H
MGT 760 Big data Analytics/td>

21 H

Semestre 2

Code Course Title Number of Hours
ACF 725 Predective analytics 63 H
ERE 795 Optimization and decision support system 42 H
CEF 780 Financial derivative and risk Management 42 H
DRT 790 Advanced Portofolio Management 21 H
ERE 795 Knowledge Management System 42 H
CCA 796 Analysis of Strategic Business Decision Models 42 H
FII 763 Business English level 2 21 H
CCF 797 International communication 21 H
FIN 765 Cultural diversity 21 H
SDL 767 Strategic and prospective planning 21 H
RDF 801 Prospectives workshop 21 H

Semestre 3

Code Course Title Number of Hours
ACC 801 Finance with big data 42 H
ACC 701 behavioural finance 42 H
DRF 700 Advanced Stochastic Processes 42 H
DRT 750 Data visualization 42 H
DRT 775 Python for dataScience 42 H
FIN 700 Machine learning 42 H
Fin 750 Business English level 3 21 H
DRT 780 Software business Plan 21 H
SIN 700 Career Coaching 21 H
MGT 700 Natural language processing 21 H
ENG 700 Web Analytics and traffic management 21 H
ENG 700 TextMining 21 H

Semestre 4

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