For the moment, AUNA offers Fundamental Licence degree in 4 business related majors: Finance, Accounting, Business Management and Marketing.

Soon, with the launch of our new campus in 2021, AUNA will be offering more majors in different fields like health, engineering, IT and more.

AUNA relies on internationally recognized textbooks and resources that aim to provide the student with high quality information and the most updated too.

Our highly qualified professors use American pedagogical approach to deliver information in the smoothest way and ensure that the students will be able to use it adequately for their own interests and needs depending on their careers.

Each student will have to fulfill 120 credits to graduate, including a professional internship (Mandatory).

AUNA commits to deliver unique educational journey in all majors through unique learning resources and a special classroom experience. We aim to raise the bar, commit to high quality education that is intellectually and personally transformative.

The fundamental Licences offered at AUNA aims to promote well rounded leaders through high quality curriculums that are adopted to the latest trends and news of each industry.